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Sokio Electric Radiator


The Sokio electric radiator combines clean, asymmetric styling with aluminium plate technology giving you soft, homogeneous heat. Sokio can be used in basic mode, which gives easy flexible control to the user ensuring the heating is right for them. Alternatively use the Sokio in programmed mode for pre-set times and temperatures.


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Features & Benefits
Open window detection.
2 modes: 24 hour 7 day timer
High-precision electronic thermostat
Digital screen, LCD digital controls
Energy consumption indicator
Anti frost comfort and eco functions
Lock function

SKU: 640042

Details & Sizes

  • Gentle, homogeneous heat
  • Integrated programming to adjust to the user’s life rhythm
  • Save money thanks to the smart radiator functions
  • Customizable programming
  • Open/closed window detection function switching to anti-frost mode as soon as a window opens
  • Ergonomic LCD digital controls showing temperature and energy consumption
  • 2 modes: Manual/Programmed
  • Clean asymmetric design fits in with any room
Eco Electric Panel

Sokio Electric Radiator

Sokio Electric Vertical Radiator

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