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150 and 300 watt thermostats require a 3 amp fuse.
600 and 1000 watt thermostats require a 5 amp fuse.


Dual fuel – Please ensure the correct fuse spur is being used (3 amp – 1500watt and 300watt & 5 amp 600watt and 1000 watt)

If the rad is dual fuel, please ensure the valves are turned off. It is impractical to turn the electrical element on when using the central heating system. This will cause damage to the element which will void the warranty.

Electric – Please ensure the correct fuse spur is being used (3 amp – 1500watt and 300watt & 5 amp 600watt and 1000 watt).

Check the product has been filled with water. If the element has been switched on without water in then the element will burn out. This will void the warranty.

If lights still flash after all the above had been tried and tested please contact customer services.

We have a showroom in Bracknell, Berkshire showcasing a variety of our selection.

Alternatively, have a look around the show room using Google Streetview – Towelrads Showroom

For all information on the different heating types and what would suit you best click here.

Determining what size radiator is required to heat a room to the correct level can sometimes be a tricky calculation. Find the perfect radiator to heat your room with the Towelrads BTU calculator. Find the optimum number of BTUs required for your room and create that warm, cosy temperature.

BTU stands for British Thermal Units and is a unit of measurement for energy. Example: 150 BTU is equal to the amount of energy used to raise the temperature of 150 pounds of water 1-degree Fahrenheit. You will see BTU used when referring to the amount of heat a radiator emits to raise the temperature in a room. The higher the BTU number associated with a radiator, the more heat that radiator can produce to warm the room.

Δt refers to the difference in temperature between the water circulating in the central heating system and that of the ambient temperature. It is important to use the correct Δt when selecting your radiators. The same radiator will have different outputs at different water temperatures due to the heat source.

Δt50 is the UK standard for domestic gas boilers. (GET TOWELRADS VERSION)

100mm either side, 150mm above and 150mm minimum from the floor to the base of the radiator. This will allow enough airflow for when the radiator is attached to the bracket.

The main two differences are that a radiator will generally have a higher BTU output. Meaning it will heat the room better than a towel radiator would. Secondly, towel radiators are designed specifically to hang towels on, whereas a regular radiator will only be able to hold one towel.

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