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Here at we have everything you could want or need for your heating job. Towel radiators to column radiators and smart elements to antique finished pipe sleeves, browse the full range or use the filter within each category to only see what is relevant to you.

Ladder Towel Rails

This vast collection of towel radiators has all the shapes, styles and finishes you could want or need.
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Designer Towel Rails

Beauty does not mean you need to compromise on performance.
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Electric Radiators

Simple, easy to use and install.
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Glass Radiators

No longer radiators of the future, infra-red heating with glass is the most efficient and stylish way to warm up right now.
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Stuck for inspiration?

Shop by Colour
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Vertical Radiators

Make the most of narrow spaces, without compromising on style or heat output with vertical radiators.
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Column Radiators

The classic and traditional look that can now be finished in a colour of your choice and still gives unrivalled heat output.
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Horizontal Radiators

Gone are the days of only having a standard panel rad as an option beneath a window, view the extensive range here.
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Aluminium Radiators

Lightweight, efficient and great value; just a few of the reasons they’re becoming so popular.
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Flat Panel Radiators

Reliable with huge BTUs and sleek lines, flat panel radiators will remain extremely popular in households and offices for years to come.
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Valves, Elements &

Complete the look of your towel rail or designer radiator, we have all shapes, styles and colours.
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