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Cozytouch – WiFi Bridge


The Cozytouch application allows users to control your compatible appliances and adjust settings to get optimal comfort.


The Cozytouch is a “bridge device” that must be connected to a internet router via an Ethernet cable, The Cozytouch system works via a free app that can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.


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Features & Benefits
Bridge allows control of connected Towelrads products
Real time monitoring
Absence detection
Daily energy management
Synchronise temperatures
Open window detection
Control individual or multiple paired devices

SKU: 640048

Details & Sizes

The app requires the individual Cozytouch to be individually matched from a unique serial number and then a user can “pair” 2 or more compatible Atlantic heaters using the heater digital control panel.

Cozytouch offers the user Real-time monitoring options (temperature setting, electric consumption view, operation, management, detections, etc.) with the facility to allow users to align every-day comfort, security and energy savings to their needs Heating appliances can be paired to communicate with each other adjusting their settings according to specific comfort requirements.

Comfort and savings management can be remotely controlled via a compatible tablet or a smartphone whilst the user is away from the dwelling.

  • Compatible with Agilia IO, Sokio & Galapagos
  • Compatible with IO-Homecontrol protocol
  • Robust and compliant with CE regulation EN 300-220
  • User account required (on set up)
  • Connects to internet router via supplied ethernet cable
  • LED indicator

Cozytouch - WiFi Bridge

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