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Copr Bay - Swansea Arena

In August 2020, we initiated a meeting with the designated mechanical sub-contractor for this prestigious project, the Copr Bay – Swansea Arena. Shortly thereafter, we were provided with the initial product schedule. The schedule outlined the specific requirements for MHS Monoplan Standard Type EK and Secureguard Style B LST radiators, enabling us to conduct a comprehensive quotation pricing exercise.

We arranged a meeting and facilitated the presentation of Flat Fronted Panel and LST Ultra radiator samples. The objective was to determine the suitability of our products for the project.

Following the submission of samples, we received confirmation that they were approved by both the client, City & County of Swansea Council, and the main contractor. In response to subsequent site alterations and resulting radiator sizing amendments we made the necessary accommodations to ensure accurate quotations and a seamless collaboration.

In December 2020, after resolving the sizing amendments, we received a purchase order for the supply of radiators for the Copr Bay – Swansea Arena project.

From May to November 2021, the installation of our Flat Fronted Panel and LST Ultra radiators at the Copr Bay – Swansea Arena was successfully completed. This period involved meticulous planning and execution to ensure a successful integration of our products. Throughout the project timeline, Towelrads and CMB Engineering Services (West) demonstrated effective collaboration and adaptability, resulting in the successful completion of the installation phase at the prestigious Copr Bay – Swansea Arena from May to November 2021.

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